Ron and I have been doing this EA Active thing for two weeks. It’s set up to be four days on and three days off; four days that you have to participate and three days to “rest.” It started off pretty simple and has progressively gotten more intense, but there are some games involved. Occasionally you get to play basketball or soccer, box, mountain bike or skateboard. There’s also lots of running, lunges, squats and some crunches involved. According to the game, which uses a heart monitor and a motion sensor, I’ve burned more than 1,000 calories in eight workouts which range from 25-33 minutes. I guess that’s not bad. I also hit up a Zumba¬†class yesterday and played kickball the Sunday before last, so I’m getting in other exercise. I’d like to add in some yoga as well if I could find a good program and I’m going to start integrating my dvds back into the routine. Because really, swimsuit season is almost upon us.