100! One-hundred! C! Okay, so I’m excited. I’ve made it 100 days! One-hundred days with 100 photos in 100 blogs. Now I only have 285 to go. And, bonus, I got to see comments from the VPA judges on my winning entries. I received two second places which is a pretty big deal because we compete with 52 papers of similar size throughout the state. When I got home, Ron had left me a present, and it’s always nice to receive an unexpected present, especially when it’s the best present ever. Organic maccaroni and cheese and organic ketchup. I wanted to buy the ketchup when we went to Wegman’s over the weekend, but Ron wouldn’t let me. He said we already had ketchup and he didn’t want to pay for organic ketchup. I guess he changed his mind though because he picked it up for me today. I’m excited about it. Now I have to finish the ketchup we already had in the refrigerator so I can try the organic kind!