I woke up this morning to find my passenger side rear tire was flat, as in pancake flat. I put some air in it, but out of fear it might not hold, I took it to the closest place that deals with tires–Walmart. Big mistake, huge! What should have been a very simple task, ended up taking more than two hours. I was originally told it would be 45 minutes. After an hour and having not heard anything, I went back to the automotive department only to find my car was in the shop, but with a problem. Apparently I need a T rated tire, all they had was an RS, which was the tire they had quoted me initially. I was told they didn’t have a T tire and I would need to sign a waiver. Fine, whatever. After 20-25 minutes, I was then told, “your car is full of surprises.” Now they had the wrong size tire and it needed to be H rated, not T, but once again, they weren’t sure if they had it and would “let me know.” Ten to 15 minutes later, they found the mystery tire and were putting it on. Some more time elapses and finally my car comes out of the shop. Funny though because the stickers that would be on a new tire are on the driver’s side, not the passenger side. Lo and behold, they replaced the wrong tire. Now the car goes back into the shop, but “they have three guys in there and they’ll get it up and get it changed.” Someone, who I don’t mind saying was a prick when I first arrived in the shop and was hazing the new guy who was trying to help me, came out and showed me how bad the tire they took off was. Fine, whatever. At this point it’s been two hours and I’m ridiculously late for work so I say keep it on there, but change the right one. Some more time elapses and finally my car is fixed, $164 and more than two hours later. Three people then told me how “great” my new tires are, but only one apologizes. Now I’m not a car expert, but it would seem to me that 1)I could identify which tire was going flat and 2)since there are three other tires on the car, all with the same size, I could fairly easily identify the correct size tire. So I’m not sure if I have the right tires, if they were installed correctly and if they are balanced. I suspect the answer to the latter is no, seeing as how the tire pressure wasn’t even checked, according to the zero on my paperwork. I will never in my life ever take my car to Walmart again and may choose to not even shop there. I used to get my oil changed there until I realized they probably weren’t even changing it. Most of the stuff they were supposed to have checked, hadn’t been done so how am I to know if they were even changing the oil and the filter? I will be mailing a letter to the Walmart corporation and may file complaints with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs. My fear is one day they’ll incorrectly do something that will result in an accident and maybe even loss of life. If something isn’t going to be done correctly, it shouldn’t be done at all. I realize Walmart wants to dominate all fields, but maybe automotive service isn’t their thing.

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