Tonight I went to Otani for Rhen’s birthday. I love Otani. The chicken teriyaki is amazing. Plus, the chef really loaded me down with food so I have enough for probably two more meals. I can’t wait. Also, and probably more importantly, is I went to Zumba for the first time today. It was also my first group exercise class. I loved it. Zumba is like being in a club for an hour. It can be pretty intense and I’m fairly certain the instructor’s high kicks would make the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders envious, but I really enjoyed it. I’m definitely glad I went and I want to go back, so I’d say it was pretty successful. I have to admit, I was really nervous to go. Having never been to an exercise class before and this being a dance intensive class, I was afraid I’d be really bad at it and everyone would stare at me. It didn’t happen though, that I know of anyway. I’m not ready for any latin Dancing with the Stars competitions, but I didn’t fall on my face!