I should probably first start off by saying, “No, I didn’t wake up at the crack of dawn to watch the wedding,” so if you expect this to be about how amazingly fantastic it was, you may want to find a different post. I’ve only caught some highlights including the balcony kisses. I’ve been complaining about this royal wedding nonsense for some time now, counting down the days until it was over not because I was throwing some massive princess-themed wedding, but rather because I’m sick of the press. I’m not anti-wedding. Actually, I like them. They seem like they truly love each other, are normal and don’t mind bucking tradition. I’m glad they get their moment. However, what is up with all of the press? Is nothing private and sacred anymore? I don’t care to know five things about Prince Harry’s date or Pippa, who’s gorgeous by the way, Mama Middleton has some great genes. I also don’t care to know what Kate gets now that she’s “bagged the prince,” what wares people are stumping (I mean really, Viagra laced beer?) or what Kate may have purchased for her honeymoon. Then there’s the really disgusting articles–the how “pure” is she stuff, how unattractive the 3-year-old frowning bridesmaid is (She’s three people!) and I’m pretty sure Star or US Weekly or one of those trash rags is claiming Kate is actually pregnant (the details will be released following the honeymoon). Where’s the privacy? Where’s the respect? If these two are so beloved by the people, why is everyone trying to make a cheap buck off them? Can’t people just be happy for them? Take a page from the British, be happy for them and throw yourself an amazing street party to celebrate, but give up on the gossip. It’s disgusting and some things should be sacred for just them. I’m talking to you professional lip readers. If you have to dissect the tape, it wasn’t for you to hear.


My lovely organic tulips are officially…dead. I guess it’s time to replace them with something else. Sadly, I doubt it will be tulips since the recent heat and storms have likely killed them all. Maybe I can find a nice Gerber Daisy bouquet to replace them.


Tornado warnings?!? And this is the second one today?!? And more bad weather is expected in the early morning hours tomorrow?!? I’m just not built for this. The idea of a tornado gives me anxiety. I have a fear of them. I used to get these dreams all the time where I was running from them. I’ve pretty much been praying all day, not only for myself, but for others as well. Tornadoes are dangerous, they destroy things and people lose their homes and their lives. I don’t want to see that happen to anyone, whether I know them or they’re a complete stranger to me. I pray actual tornadoes don’t touch down and everyone is okay. What’s with this weather? April has been a whole month of severe weather. I hope May is better.


I signed up with My Fitness Pal yesterday after seeing an article on Guiliana Rancic’s site, FabFitFun. It’s basically this thing that tracks your nutritional intake, compares it to how much you should be intaking to obtain a goal of your choosing and also tracks your exercise. I’ve never really paid attention to what I’ve eaten before so this is interesting. When I had to do something similar in health case, I would always just make something up. Yesterday I really blew past my goal. Stupid Sheetz. Today, I came much closer to obtaining it. I wonder if I actually will. I guess I’ll see.


I’ve been working on a history project for work, the history of redistricting over the last 40 years. It’s left my hands pretty newsprinty and I’ve now decided 69 cents is an acceptable price for five peaches. Anything above that is not. And a 1978 Ford Mustang is a gas saver. You’d be surprised what you see in old newspapers. It makes me wonder what people will think when they look back at our newspapers in 40 years? What kind of cars will we be driving? How much will our houses be? What will exist? What won’t? I guess time will tell.


What’s Easter without a little water balloon fight? This was post church, eating, egg hunt and water balloon tossing contest, pre-kick ball game. Or I should say the longest kickball game ever. It was nice to be outdoors and get some exercise though. I also got to go home and visit my parents and Rags. All in all, a good day, but there just never seems to be enough hours in the weekend. Monday comes too fast. Back to work tomorrow.


Beach in the morning, grocery shopping and laundry tonight. Back to reality I guess. At least I got some sun today. Someone else got too much sun, due to an aversion to sunscreen. I had a little too much sun in random places where I didn’t put sunscreen like a strip along my face and a spot on my neck. Maybe I should invest in some of that color changing sunscreen made for children–the kind that goes on purple and then turns clear so you can tell where you actually put it. Now I just have to tell myself that summer is still on the way and this wasn’t my last chance to lay out and read. If this was September or October, I would still be out on the beach.


At the beach on a mini-vacation! It’s been a long time since we’ve been anywhere and it’s so nice to come to the beach. This is a great time for it too, because everything is opening back up for the season. Summer is right around the corner. It’s supposed to be warm tomorrow and sunny. I can’t wait to lie around in the sun and read a book for hours. I hope the weather doesn’t let me down. We came to this hotel back in 2009 and it’s been completely remodeled since then. They took out one of the indoor pools and replaced it with a new restaurant and bar. The indoor lazy river/pool is still intact and a new lazy river with two water slides has been added outside. Also, all of the rooms have been completely redone, as well as the outdoor pool, hallways, etc. A movie theatre is a new addition as well as some sort of kids camp area. Definitely an improvement. I hope it’s nice tomorrow outside. Easter is supposed to be nice also. Mini-vacay will be dunzo by then.


Ron and I have been doing this EA Active thing for two weeks. It’s set up to be four days on and three days off; four days that you have to participate and three days to “rest.” It started off pretty simple and has progressively gotten more intense, but there are some games involved. Occasionally you get to play basketball or soccer, box, mountain bike or skateboard. There’s also lots of running, lunges, squats and some crunches involved. According to the game, which uses a heart monitor and a motion sensor, I’ve burned more than 1,000 calories in eight workouts which range from 25-33 minutes. I guess that’s not bad. I also hit up a Zumba class yesterday and played kickball the Sunday before last, so I’m getting in other exercise. I’d like to add in some yoga as well if I could find a good program and I’m going to start integrating my dvds back into the routine. Because really, swimsuit season is almost upon us.