In yesterday’s post I mentioned that I had a date with the transmission man today. I said I hoped to not hear the phrase, “you need a new transmission.” Well, what I drastically underestimated was the phrase, “transmission overhaul.” So that’s not really a great way to start your day, but at least the car said it did what I said. It didn’t make a liar out of me or make me look like a GIRL who doesn’t know anything about cars. I said when you put it in reverse, backed up and then tried to switch back into drive, it wouldn’t. A code in my super smart car said the same thing. Boo-yeah! This is in addition to the slipping. I feel I should also mention that apparently I need two new axles, approximately $200, and it would make sense to replace those while the overhaul is being completed in order to save money on labor. However, I must also mention smarty car has 147,000+ miles on it and it’s salvage. Someone wrecked it before I got it. I don’t know that it makes sense to put all this money into it and in addition, it also needs two new year tires. But, with all that said, the thought of getting rid of my car makes me sad. I feel like I’m losing a best friend or a pet. I spend a lot of time in my car everyday and it’s been with me through a lot. It took over after my inherited Tempo got too expensive to fix and it’s been with me since college. It was decorated for junior ring week, I used it as a Uhaul at the end of each school year when I moved home for the summer and I crunched it two years ago when some woman decided to stop at a green light. Not to mention I’ve driven plenty of stray animals around in it while looking for their owners. So the idea of getting rid of it makes me a little depressed. And it didn’t help that I hit a squirrel on my way to work and anyone who knows me knows that I’ll do just about anything to avoid hitting anything in the road including, but not limited to, frogs, cats, dogs, squirrels, opossums, deer, raccoons, etc. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow and maybe my car will magically last much longer than anticipated. Or it could leave me stranded on a farm road in the middle of nowhere.


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