So how do you know when your car is beyond dirty? Probably when you feel embarrassed to take it to a mechanic. I sat in the driveway and collected all the trash in my car, put the cds back in their spot after they fell out all over the floor about two weeks ago and wiped down all the surfaces with Armor All wipes because I have a date with the transmission man in the morning. My plan was to get it washed today and vacuum it out, but then of course it rained so that didn’t happen. Instead, I had to opt for a quick clean and hope it’ll pass as clean. I don’t want to be labeled as a lazy car owner. The truth is, anyone who spends as much time in their car as I do has a dirty car. Mine was mostly full of receipts, straw paper, Sonic mints and sadly, a cheese wrapper. Yes, I did eat crackers and cheese one day on the way home. At least there wasn’t actual cheese in the car. Ew! I’ll take it tomorrow the way it is, have my evaluation which hopefully doesn’t include the phrase, “you need a new transmission,” and then hopefully have a chance to really clean it before I take it back, likely on Monday if it works out, for whatever needs to be done to it. At any rate, at least the mechanic won’t think I’m a Sheetz addict since I probably collected at least 10 receipts from under my seats.


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