Have you ever worked really hard on something, really done the leg work and gained an understanding of the issue, only to have someone else piggyback off of your hard work and try to make it their own? I can say, without much hesitation, that nothing irritates me more than that. I worked for two weeks talking to people, finding the right information and really absorbing an issue only to have someone else take my work, rewrite it and put about two seconds of effort into it and then use it as their own. I guess I should feel some vindication that their work in no way measured up to mine and that fact was recognized and stated by one of the subjects. I guess I should feel vindicated that their lack of effort only helped them to misrepresent the facts. However, it’s still irritating. Why do you think that’s okay? Why do you think you don’t have to do the work and can just wait for someone else to do it for you? You are only making yourself look incompetent and lazy, like you can’t fathom how to do your job. A job that you probably get paid more for than I do for mine and a job that you obviously don’t respect. I guess I should feel flattered on some level that I’m smarter and by taking my work as your own, you show that you know it’s true. And I guess I should also feel flattered that you won’t measure up to me because you’re too lazy to put in the effort. So I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and doing it well and you can keep on copying me and showing me how right I am. You’re only making yourself look bad.


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