Fixer upper? No, I’m just kidding. However, I do think this was probably a nice house in its day. And, as I’ve already covered before, I don’t understand what leads a person to let their house fall in. Did the owner pass away and no one wanted to take it? Did they move and never find a buyer? Did it burn beyond repair? Did they give up on it and build something they thought was better simply because it was newer? I believe a building can tell a story and I think there’s a story somewhere in this one. I’m sure, once upon a time, this was someone’s dream home. One they saved for and had built specifically for them. One they watched as it formed, brick by brick, board by board. I don’t know what happened to them that they lost sight of that dream or if someone else didn’t share it with them enough to keep it alive. All I do know, is now it sits in the middle of a cow pasture with no windows and no doors. I’m fairly certain the cows have probably gone in it as it is right in the middle of their home. And I’m sure that’s how it’ll stay until someone sees something in it and waits to save it, or it falls down.


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