I went to a house today that’s about to be torn down in order to make way for a development. People have been pillaging the home for various items–wood, windows, etc. The house, along with two others that are also being torn down, were rentals. Inside, it’s like the renters just decided to pack in a hurry and leave things behind. All sorts of things are still in the homes, like stuffed animals, food, mail and even some furniture. Why would you just leave everything like that? Didn’t you take care of your things? Didn’t you work hard to have them? Didn’t you need them or want to have them in your next home? And it’s not just that. One of the homes was full of trash, like used baby diapers and even dog poop, like the people who lived there just let their dog use the bathroom in the house and then close the door. I can’t imagine anyone living like that, especially with a baby. I guess I’ve always just thought that you value the things you have and you take pride in your home. You don’t trash it, live in trash or leave your stuff behind like trash. Even if you don’t have much money or many things, you can still take pride in what you do have. Clean your house, plant some flowers, take care of your stuff. It seems pretty basic to me.


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