I’m all for safety, but this seems a little extreme. My candle from Ikea, referred to in typical swedish Ikea style as a tindra, has almost a dozen warning pictures on the label. Some of these I can’t even decipher including the one of the two candles and 5 cm and the one with the candle, a sun, some sort of water heater and a television. At first I thought the 5 cm one was indicating the wick should be trimmed, but that is represented by a different picture. As for the one with the sun, water heater and television, I’m guessing these are places you shouldn’t put your candle–not on top of a television or a water heater and not in the sun. That’s likely not correct, but I have no other guesses. Do you?

6 thoughts on “66.365

  1. playtalklearn says:

    Thanks for sharing this photo – I will be using it this month in a post about teaching children to understand instructions – and these are great as they don’t require language – although I’m not sure I understand all of them myself! I will be linking back here from http://www.playtalklearn.com so that everyone knows that it’s your image. I hope that’s OK!

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