In yesterday’s post I mentioned that I had a date with the transmission man today. I said I hoped to not hear the phrase, “you need a new transmission.” Well, what I drastically underestimated was the phrase, “transmission overhaul.” So that’s not really a great way to start your day, but at least the car said it did what I said. It didn’t make a liar out of me or make me look like a GIRL who doesn’t know anything about cars. I said when you put it in reverse, backed up and then tried to switch back into drive, it wouldn’t. A code in my super smart car said the same thing. Boo-yeah! This is in addition to the slipping. I feel I should also mention that apparently I need two new axles, approximately $200, and it would make sense to replace those while the overhaul is being completed in order to save money on labor. However, I must also mention smarty car has 147,000+ miles on it and it’s salvage. Someone wrecked it before I got it. I don’t know that it makes sense to put all this money into it and in addition, it also needs two new year tires. But, with all that said, the thought of getting rid of my car makes me sad. I feel like I’m losing a best friend or a pet. I spend a lot of time in my car everyday and it’s been with me through a lot. It took over after my inherited Tempo got too expensive to fix and it’s been with me since college. It was decorated for junior ring week, I used it as a Uhaul at the end of each school year when I moved home for the summer and I crunched it two years ago when some woman decided to stop at a green light. Not to mention I’ve driven plenty of stray animals around in it while looking for their owners. So the idea of getting rid of it makes me a little depressed. And it didn’t help that I hit a squirrel on my way to work and anyone who knows me knows that I’ll do just about anything to avoid hitting anything in the road including, but not limited to, frogs, cats, dogs, squirrels, opossums, deer, raccoons, etc. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow and maybe my car will magically last much longer than anticipated. Or it could leave me stranded on a farm road in the middle of nowhere.


So how do you know when your car is beyond dirty? Probably when you feel embarrassed to take it to a mechanic. I sat in the driveway and collected all the trash in my car, put the cds back in their spot after they fell out all over the floor about two weeks ago and wiped down all the surfaces with Armor All wipes because I have a date with the transmission man in the morning. My plan was to get it washed today and vacuum it out, but then of course it rained so that didn’t happen. Instead, I had to opt for a quick clean and hope it’ll pass as clean. I don’t want to be labeled as a lazy car owner. The truth is, anyone who spends as much time in their car as I do has a dirty car. Mine was mostly full of receipts, straw paper, Sonic mints and sadly, a cheese wrapper. Yes, I did eat crackers and cheese one day on the way home. At least there wasn’t actual cheese in the car. Ew! I’ll take it tomorrow the way it is, have my evaluation which hopefully doesn’t include the phrase, “you need a new transmission,” and then hopefully have a chance to really clean it before I take it back, likely on Monday if it works out, for whatever needs to be done to it. At any rate, at least the mechanic won’t think I’m a Sheetz addict since I probably collected at least 10 receipts from under my seats.


Have you ever worked really hard on something, really done the leg work and gained an understanding of the issue, only to have someone else piggyback off of your hard work and try to make it their own? I can say, without much hesitation, that nothing irritates me more than that. I worked for two weeks talking to people, finding the right information and really absorbing an issue only to have someone else take my work, rewrite it and put about two seconds of effort into it and then use it as their own. I guess I should feel some vindication that their work in no way measured up to mine and that fact was recognized and stated by one of the subjects. I guess I should feel vindicated that their lack of effort only helped them to misrepresent the facts. However, it’s still irritating. Why do you think that’s okay? Why do you think you don’t have to do the work and can just wait for someone else to do it for you? You are only making yourself look incompetent and lazy, like you can’t fathom how to do your job. A job that you probably get paid more for than I do for mine and a job that you obviously don’t respect. I guess I should feel flattered on some level that I’m smarter and by taking my work as your own, you show that you know it’s true. And I guess I should also feel flattered that you won’t measure up to me because you’re too lazy to put in the effort. So I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and doing it well and you can keep on copying me and showing me how right I am. You’re only making yourself look bad.


I know somewhere someone has come up with some rule regarding at what age a person is supposed to give up marshmallow ladden cereals. Well, too bad. I’ll admit, I have switched out my Pop-tarts in favor of Special K Cereal Bars, but I refuse to let go of my Lucky Charms. I plan to be 90 eating my golden rainbows and red balloons. Although chances are by then that the marshmallow shapes will all be different. I’m fairly confident that the brand will still exist though because I know I’m in good company when it comes to people who refuse to stop eating Lucky Charms. They’re the best.

(Yeah it was a slow picture day today which has led to a post about cereal. But Lucky Charms really are amazing, and according to kindergarten teachers everywhere, a learning tool!)


Snow? The last week in March? Now I’ve seen everything. I hope this is the last of it and snow really isn’t too bad when it was like it was today–out there in the morning, but gone by mid-day. If you hadn’t seen it yourself, you wouldn’t even know it had snowed today. The snow I can’t stand is the mid-winter snow, the kind that has you stuck in the house for days. Blech. Hopefully this little snow and the cold temperatures won’t harm everything that has already bloomed. I’m ready to pick some tulips.


Today I covered an art show for work. Local school children had various pieces of artwork on display, everything from shrinky dink key chains to paintings. Various student bands and choirs performed throughout the day. It’s nice to see the artwork they’ve created. Each piece was different from the next and each had its own little style.


On my honeymoon, I got hooked on strawberry frozen yogurt. On the Carnival cruise, it’s everywhere and the flavors alternate everyday. One day it’ll be vanilla and chocolate with a mix in between and then on the next day it’ll be chocolate and strawberry, and so on. I was more than happy when Ron and I noticed that a new frozen yogurt place had moved into town. We tried it out tonight and it’s amazing. There are all of these machines in the wall. You pick a cup, fill it with what you want, add your choice of toppings and then pay. It’s 45 cents an ounce. Mine came out to be at least $8, maybe more. For two, it was $11 and mine was a good bit heavier than Ron’s. Whoops. Oh well, it was worth it! I felt like I was back on the ship sailing to the tropics, laying in the sun all day.


Thought I would be sure to get a picture of one of these trees today since they’re so pretty and such a symbol of spring. Too bad we’re supposed to get frost tonight and some kind of wintery mix on Sunday that is sure to destroy the pretty blooms and remind us all that it isn’t completely warm yet. Blah!


Fixer upper? No, I’m just kidding. However, I do think this was probably a nice house in its day. And, as I’ve already covered before, I don’t understand what leads a person to let their house fall in. Did the owner pass away and no one wanted to take it? Did they move and never find a buyer? Did it burn beyond repair? Did they give up on it and build something they thought was better simply because it was newer? I believe a building can tell a story and I think there’s a story somewhere in this one. I’m sure, once upon a time, this was someone’s dream home. One they saved for and had built specifically for them. One they watched as it formed, brick by brick, board by board. I don’t know what happened to them that they lost sight of that dream or if someone else didn’t share it with them enough to keep it alive. All I do know, is now it sits in the middle of a cow pasture with no windows and no doors. I’m fairly certain the cows have probably gone in it as it is right in the middle of their home. And I’m sure that’s how it’ll stay until someone sees something in it and waits to save it, or it falls down.



Now that spring is here and St. Patty’s Day is over, I’ve updated my towels to reflect the next holiday and spring. Is it wierd that I update my dish towels to reflect the season or holiday? The good thing is, once I purchase them all this year I shouldn’t have to buy any next year unless they get ruined or I lose one or something. I also update my refridgerator magnets, but those I create using my Cricut. I’ve yet to make the spring or Easter ones, but so far I’ve made pilgrims, indians and a turkey for thanksgiving; Mr. and Mrs. Claus and a reindeer for Christmas; and a heart, koala bear and ladybug for Valentine’s Day. Oh gosh, I’m lame huh?!?