Okay, so today was not a great day. I woke up tired and it just all went from there. I had to mail a package today so I went to the post office. The woman in there would not take my card because it isn’t signed, even with ID. She pointed to some sign and said, “It says it right here. I’m not going to lose my job.” Really lady, really?!? Everyone on the planet knows you aren’t supposed to sign your card in order to protect your identity. That’s why you show id with it. Let’s add to that the fact that I went to this same post office Saturday, had a different employee help me and she took my card.How incredibly annoying. I took my package back, and though I’m not proud of it, I’m pretty sure I cussed her as I walking away. That just started the day off wrong and it snowballed from there, so much so, I didn’t even mind the rain. However, I’m the resilient sort. I know that no matter how crappy my day is, someone out there is having a worse day. And it’s not like the things making my day bad were terrible. I’m proud of myself that I can roll with the punches and laugh it off. Everyone has a bad day, but I think it’s how you handle it that’s important. Hopefully, with a little faith, tomorrow will be much better.


So Ron and I are driving down the road today when two cop cars go around us. They follow behind a vehicle before pulling it over in the center lane of the road. One of the two officers pulls his gun, some more cars show up and another office pulls a rifle out of the trunk. Here we are basically sitting in a police standoff in the middle of the road for at least 20 minutes before the suspect tosses something out the window and finally stands down.  Now, I know you see these kind of things on television, but you never really expect them to happen in front of you. More importantly, I wonder how someone makes a bad decision that snowballs to something like this. What’s going on in a person’s life that it gets this far to where you’re having guns pointed at you and you’re refusing to get out of your vehicle? How does a life get so off track so fast? I’d like to think this person just made a mistake, one thing that went so deep they couldn’t get out of it, but then again I’m someone who believes everyone has both good and bad in them and in most cases, the good wins out. One decision can change an entire life. There’s always hope though. Hope this person will see the light, hope they’ll wise up and hope they’ll turn their lives around. At least that’s what I believe and I really hope it’s true.


So I sold almost all of my stuff on Ebay. Five out of six listings sold, three of which are packaged and ready to go. The other two are waiting for payment which kind of annoys me. If you are going to bid on something, be prepared to pay for it. I hope the payments come through. Nothing is more frustrating than getting a buyer who doesn’t pay.


A few days ago I received an email saying I had been invited to an exclusive Coach factory sale. I’ve been wanting a new bag for a little while, one large enough to carry everything without looking packed to the hilt. Plus, it’s spring and something pretty would be nice. However, I’m not the type of person who will spend a fortune on a handbag. I only purchase things on sale and to be able to buy a Coach and not feel silly about it, there has to be a great sale, as in at least half off. Luckily for me, this sale was great. However, shouldn’t they give you free shipping if you’re paying all that money on a bag? Well, they don’t. Annoying…


This weekend I cleaned out my closet and placed a ton of stuff on Ebay. That’s just one of the benefits of taking great care of your stuff. If you treat your things well, when you’re finished with them, they’ll be good enough that someone will want to pay for them. I put 46 tops up for auction along with some sweat sets, flip flops that still have the tags on (I know, I know), a handbag and a Cricut cartridge that I have no use for. Everything is selling which is so great. It feels wonderful to clean out the clutter. Isn’t that what spring is all about? At the same time, I’m trying to adopt a philosophy of if I don’t use it, I need to get rid of it. I’ve always been some what of a pack rat. I’m not an intervention style hoarder or anything, but I do sometimes buy things and never wear them just because they were on sale or keep things long after I’ve grown out of them because I loved them so much. I guess you could say I’m trying to break the cycle. At the same time though, I’ll continue to treat the things I am blessed to have as such. If you treat your things well, they’ll be good forever. I think it’s about being grateful for what you have and treat things as such. Whether something costs $1 at a thrift store or $100 at a fancy boutique, everything has value and should be treated as such.


How is it that last week it was warm and sunny with bright blue skies and this morning I get up to find ice on my car? It’s really no wonder that so many people are sick; the weather keeps changing. I can’t wait until it gets warm and bright and blue and stays that way. I’m ready for winter to be done. Although, I do have to say, today it snowed off and on all day and I actually didn’t mind it. It was just light little flakes with no accumulation. That’s my kind of snow.


I have the game Just Dance 2 for Wii. It just sat around on our shelf for months, I purchased it on sale the day after Thanksgiving, until a few weeks ago when Ron, Briana and I decided to play. Now Bri is kind of hooked, so we play often and Ron aka Baby usually beats us. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, he’s really good at choreography. It probably has something to do with his short-lived Idlewild 5 career. Side note: Ron and his four roommates choreographed a dance to several Jackson 5 songs for a talent contest their senior year of college, which they won. Anyway, now he thinks he’s just amazing. I almost had him at one point tonight, but it just didn’t work out. I’ll beat him eventually. Once James Brown finally comes up, I know I’ll catch him. Motown is my calling. Apparently, Bollywood songs are also. In the meantime, the competition makes for some good cardio.


Yesterday, when Ron and I went to Ikea, we  purchased some little odds and ends that we had been missing including pillows for the couch and some boxes to put blankets in under the couch. We also bought pretty, fancy Ikea colored napkins and a napkin holder. Then today, I found these amazing tablemats that match the napkins and our blue theme perfectly. I’ve been doing some major spring cleaning and this was only one step in the process. I’ve also been cleaning out the closet today, going through clothes finding things I don’t wear which I’ve put into lots and placed on Ebay. I figure if I want to get a few new items for spring, I should get rid of some old stuff first. I’m very into spring even though we’re supposed to get some sort of winter weather this week. Hopefully that will be the last of it. Then it’ll be all sunshine and flowers from here on out.


Ron and I went to Ikea today. On the way home, the interstate was shut down due to a large brush fire. Several more brush fires have been reported in surrounding counties today. Some people are even being evacuated from their homes. Now I realize some people don’t pay attention to things like weather, but most areas have been under fire weather warnings for the past two days due to gusty winds. Which makes me wonder, was someone really burning and caused these problems or did some irresponsible, self-absorbed tobacco user flick their cigarette carelessly out of the window of their vehicle? Are they aware what their laziness and bad habits have caused? Do they know somewhere tonight a family is very likely sleeping in a public building because their home has been destroyed? If you enjoy killing yourself with your bad habits, fine, but keep them in your own car. Don’t be so selfish and careless that you decide to deflect your problems on others. People will have to clean up your mess and unfortunately, it’s unlikely anyone will ever know who started these fires, but I hope the person who did it knows and I hope they decide to quit.